The First HORIZON FORZA 3 Blizzardberg Widening


First HORIZON FORZA 3 Blizzardberg Widening

Days thanks to a small “teaser” show you that would contain the first expansion to Forza Horizon 3 as main entrance to the introduction of snow an element that had never before appeared the saga, and go all out.

This expansion, known as Blizzard Mountain (Mountain Blizzard) add a whole new set of game features and snow record we will find in new scenario under precisely at this point, Mountain Blizzard.

Of course, on the plane, we have everything we has to offer a snow-covered Alpine landscape, with demanding roads Websites and wait as a large frozen lake or ski slopes Where we use our cars either in serious competition or just for fun like never before.

And, of course, if our garage is not enough, the expansion brings among other things seven new cars developed for the environment and step a new abandoned car their identity and the place like Always, will be a mystery.

Before the announcement cars covers as well as expected and at the time was made for the offroad terrain, now none of the cars in the game both new and existing snow tires because in the area drive.

And so also we present new cars expansion:

Focus RS RX Ken Block was specially created for his famous Gymkhanas in concreato now the ninth and last, and although we are not fans of your videos car certainly deserved Special mention because apart from that 25 cm. Wider than normal RS, also has almost double the power. badass version to convert what a new badass version to convert, what a new bad air version, Fokus Final inspection could be. Time to check without GoPros pro enmedio!

HORIZON FORZA 3 Blizzardberg Widening

Long before the Trophy Truck modern, with its tube frame and body fiberglass, like some that have been able to drive in Forza including Horizon 3 BJ Baldwin “Silverado” had changed cars like this F-100 ie car series really, but butt of course.

Robby Gordon led in class. [edit] Other translations of ‘F-100 seems to be more compliant than it seems 8 he finished so far ahead that the viewers believed that they had lost when she saw him.


Forza to we had a racing car whose road version we wanted, and vice versa and certainly this last list gave me the Lancia headed which in the case of Stratos we saw with its mythical decoration Alitalia to the weariness … although it is never the same as the car Gr 0.4 real, and now Finally authentic has on hand. Stratos Gr.4 had 300 suspension cv and collecting was just as effective both as mixed asphalt surfaces.

decoration aside, Sandro Munari won 17 stages of the San Remo rally in this car, with a special chapter in the legend of the rallies.


“Lancers rally and continue the topic ” Cars we have only the road ” Here is another legendary Italian house, the brutal Delta S4 Group B [(19459011) MarkkyAlenandHenriToivonen S4 was carried out by Markky Alen and Henri Toivonen

With the central engine and front drive, weight distribution nearly 50-50 and of course 500 hp And so brutal with his classmates, when he finally lost his life at the wheel of his tragic way S4 in Corsica FIA decided to end a blow with group B. And now we can see that this monster was to bring under the most adverse conditions, something few of people could do in their day, that’s the News.


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