Proof of progress on all cylinders, and the announcement of Pack-DLC Duracell March proves it to pack well as we later return to Car Pass closes Forza Horizon 3 and is last pack contained therein so that all that comes on this pack, and will pay for each user.

With this important point, it’s time to talk about like cars because there is not a month that is not sure to talk about them, and we started with the car that you see on the cover and some veterans As of Gran Turismo will give them a smile to be sketched when the Nismo GT-R LM road go 1995 version already in the world Forza . nostalgia aside, it is clear that the car deserves its own recognition, since we [19459010handeln] built the only unit of approval legal requirements for the competition as usual in These cases. is RWD is and is broad, . [NK]

[edit] [edit] Other translations of this title ] Very broad as you would expect in a car the for s-race, even if approved for the road. Of course, even if the two versions of the running were their traces in the history of the contest, as a single entity, and thus unicorn was legally itself, the street version Nissan to be kept in his collection … but Forza to be free, which can make the untethered road.

All other cars pack below

did you know that the Camaro SS 2016 was the last one? It became obsoletizado only both in real life and Forza for his new, improved version, which ZL1 2017 as in 2012 in his day passed .

ZL1 is not a simple improvement because even at the time of the Camaro Z / 28 improves on ZL1 then (what a mess!) The new ZL1 entrance the strongest Camaro in the history with no less than 650 HP and 881 Nm torque one beast.

But as is usual in the latest machines USA ., Are no longer only megatons of the power give and longer than it Rheological shock absorbers and tuned suspension surprisingly to be effective in straight and curved. Ciudado with!


[A4] The XE was born in response to Series 3 BMW or area Audi A4 that is, But reputable brand and what one would expect, and this version S turn to Hugar versions M and S mark.

To this V6 with supercharger and all the refinement and sportiness expected a Jaguar so the game rival with this new interesting player.


If anyone expected Australian car to see … is here pack. Falcon GT 92 is more than the other Falcon more. This generation has an engine V8 Windsor 302 and the car was developed by Tickford Fahrzeugtechnik Reply Ford to the HSV to Holden .

Falcon GT is a perfect model. The Falcon is a perfect model For the garage of a collector exclusivities the two in reality and in the game.

After having with old legends Forza Motorsport 4 in past DLC like Toyota Supra 92 or Mazda RX-7 again 90 is it Time to go Europe and the road with two cars to follow the first Volvo 242 turbo evolution is a model that once catch the disappearance left Volvo in Forza and comes to weight the table again.

version of the approval which moves a half decade of the competition group A and its Turbo Garret special Springs and aerated brakes, 500 units which were almost all manufactured on USA although some of them again Europe [19459011waren] to compete. a All flying brick.

One of the most beautiful cars ever made, and that many have missed is undoubtedly BMW 507 the second car file to return FM4 details updated.

And apart from a beautiful design designed by the Graf Albrecht Goertz the same designers 503 the 507 put these strips we could see, exclusive Vehicles because were only manufactured 252 and trying to fill the gap between and the MG and Triumphs of the Time.

And this is even hand-made with a price of [11] the 507 hand made all a waste were because BMW, losing money on every sold car however Also with all 507 was a milestone for BMW and also thanks to popular figures like Elvis Presley the one bought, the 507 remained flott. With 3.2 liter V8 aluminum block and two carburettors, which 507 resulted 150 hp which to a top speed translated 218 km / h with An impressive only 8.8 seconds from 0 to 100 . A gem.

When Defender game seems too modern and removed from their roots, here are some of them, these Series III 72 .

a simple and robust if it suits your predecessor, this Land Rover although international fame, was particularly popular with the other markets in Spain thanks to its national Versions Santana you still see many fields and courtyards all over the country … What are we waiting for the land adventure to start without compromise?

Trailer Pack:

As already mentioned, the pack is last covered in the Car Pass and will cost approx. From 6 € for all other users, tomorrow Tuesday, 7 is available

Finally, and [(19459001) This is the second time that GTA S was born

Cimos [19459010von] completely independent to himself [to be used]



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