Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3


Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Forza Horizon 3 2016 ended the year in the style of this month presents plus expansion Blizzard mountain finally add conditions of Snow, ice and snowstorm the universe Forza the pack DLC for this month.

The exact today.Risks with a bet so different and traditional (though not in the way that more than one would expect) the Pack-DLC Logitech G December, Polarizing still further look at the content, but the good thing is sure to find at least one car that we like because we concepts, classic, new cars, FM4, Americans, Europeans and Asians. And until a new Australian.

by one of the novelties, the Bentley EXP 10 Speed ​​6 2015 their concept is much easier than the sinuous name started.

Another new concept vehicle appears in Forza [19459011Vorgestellt] recently after the concept in ] Infiniti Q60 Forza 6 or Nissan Titan Warrior Accurately Blizzard Mountain Expansion and the EXP now remains as such a prototype hope to go into production (which can occur quite soon ).

What is special about the EXP 10? Well, next to a sportier design than continental GT all drinks last car, including the name, based on speed 6 of the decade of 1920 . Basically, we have a Continental lighter, more sporty and more special GT those who want a Bentley closer to its sporting tradition.

1965 Pontiac GTO

Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Here is the first car back Forza Pack.

GTO was born in the course of the prohibition of General Motors Renn, John DeLorean (yes , The DeLorean) Bill Collins and Russ Gee decided instead to make cars high performance for young buyers who hungry for speed.

Tifosi but the Americans also care very little, in fact, I attitude. GTO is not a coincidence, comes directly from Ferrari 250 GTO Which defines the car from which could dominate the streets in his time in his own right.


Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Today, something does not matter in your brand, if you have an SUV in your catalog and its Ford, Renault. If something is characterized current automobile market , Seat … or directly Porsche, Alfa Romeo or as in this case, Jaguar.

What a few years ago look like a Sakrileg (and is still for many) is there thanks to the demand of the public, something that has less forced manufacturers to focus their efforts on Makes the best possible before the avalanche of options in the market.

The F-Pace is not at all complicated. And it is almost as it seems, and only by name, ie how would an F-type from a 4×4 because as a light relief, F-Pace account with attitudes off -road-real just because the option all-wheel drive the many direct or would, but the luxury and power Jaguar halt today.

1996 HSV GTS-R

Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Horizon 3 is the largest tribute to the Australian market ever seen in a video game by far and that is when it is not enough, To move from a map based on the land Down Under the catalog of local products, the circle, large and self-contained, gives a new leap with GTS -R. in this case of the body VS mid of 90 the GTS-R reconsider the seen in other models formula, that is, powerful, attractive and exclusive because besides this only sold in 1996 car manufactured only 85 Units because it is basically the approved version d and a racing car that ever ever emerged.

But although the lack of specific race-affected units, so when used to make a V8 as other Australians show that they are able or off the road.

[19459202] [3]

Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Reliant Supervan III is used for materials. It is used in the following sections:
Forza Horizon 3 In a compact body, in each curve bump (remember passing the Isetta count as in Forza have the not version of 4 wheel ), but we finally have a car with the lonely wheel in the best place, behind what comedy for fun .

its’ a tribute to his version of 1911 and how you will be modernized by the look of just enough.

two-engine S & S mounted crosswise in the moor car the with a appearance so little unusual, almost Steampunk current eyes, its size, its rear wheel factory skids, 3 Wheeler is so curious as to be admirable ride.

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R


The next step after they already exist, if effective GT S which we have In the game, which offers almost a celebration domain Mercedes in F1 in the past seasons and by good to do, the better characterized. V8 4-liter Bi-Turbo improved in comparison to GT S the new one


the body apart expanded and new aerodynamic elements, in these cases necessary, so exactly BMW M4 GTS or the Dodge Viper ACR seen in the previous pack.

What would be the most effective? We’ll see shortly.

1992 Toyota Supra 2.0 GT twin turbo

Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

but you see, another great is known Forza 4 Awakening from His sleep of 5 years to visit us again in Australia .

And that, though his successor, the myth and fame was not disparaging Mk3 . If the starting point Supra was separated, until then the Celica to 1986 and during the Celica converted after the separation a sportive front drive the the Supra to RWD from the tradition to the life to receive 2000GT .

It is loved by the fans of JDM and with his friend can now meet RX-7 FC also recently recovered.

Trailer Pack:

Finally and like with the last sentence, we have discovered a new car for News

Pack DLC December LOGITECH G Forza HORIZON 3

Forza Horizon HORIZON

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