There’s no secret that a scarce month because of considerable technical failure, the officially many cars were almost finished and the defect appear as DLC were filtered, and although perhaps have come to see some in this New pack, the February Playseat Pack DLC the question is, know exactly what we are going to see.

Exactly, the answer is that cars that were their development at the close of close, but finally see the final version and that even surprised or not, can not be denied this time the pack Because only was reduced to surprises hollow exactly to zero, both for good and for bad. (19459011) with a begun absence beginning, and the new Honda Civic Type R 2016 which goes from discrecciones and almost as aggressive as almost to celebrate Has been in development for so many years, he had caught him almost his generation (FK2) retirement.

But the years have paid off, for it is not just facade, as well type R has required the figures both as the right to justify their appearance, to wear these abbreviations, beginning with 300 hp engine, suspension two-axis front mechanical or Brembo differential, the Focus RS other friend you like to give.

Then the rest of the pack. [1945901]

is a standard almost written whereby each DLC of Horizon 3 a new stone to join the amazing collection of aussies in the game, And here we have a ration.

by color The blue figure the the 502 models permission was painted this Commodore VK it is only, That an apology could be used for the competition in the 80s, including Bathrust of course and especially by Peter Brock practically all national pride captained in matter.

Blue Meanie has a special place in the hearts of fans of the brand, and now we see that in the both text driving.

the brand is primarily world-wide for the famous [1945932] The history of Alpine is a bit chaotic, from being independent to move under the arm had already disappeared in the game, but after this success, and after an succession, and after an intermediate model such as Alpine disappeared in the mid-nineties, and after a long sleep, Alpine Finally again and better, what to celebrate with what once a his last works, the GTA Le Mans.

With only 325 units produce the Le Mans tried to evoke the golden age of the brand in 70 with victories like those of the Rallye Monte Carlo or Le Mans’s course and it had a very streamlined body, a V6 Turbo rear and inside seats 4 rival what Porsche he could offer.

Cadillac modern and more than capable Teaching teeth its European. Cadillac Teaching teeth its European Rivals Luxury and sportiness.

Caden-V Car in fashion “retro” to fall and we position of Forza Motorsport 6. And this is without Cadillac recently offered powerful vehicles very capable as last but now with cars like the ATS-V Coupe .

ATS also has a V6-Biturbo 460 PS This is a picture from the author a tuned chassis, or rheological damper definitely a car is considered in one concentrated in the European market almost exclusively.

[1945901] [1945901]

Among the many mythical legends of the automobile world, the DB Aston Martin is the most famous, and indeed in its time were inline 6-Zylinder (as archifamoso DB5 ]] In recent years, the level at very respectable V12 which keeps the new connection in the family rose, DB11

DB11 retains the charm of its earlier versions and although it seemed impossible to replace ] DB9 in Aston Martin have succeeded in the way, to keep what to keep and improve touch.

And if someone does not know coincidentally happened with DB10…. ask him James Bond .


Corsa is its global effect undoubtedly its tods the Sale in the urban compact segment.

It is the presence of Sportversion in its upper end, which gradually increases the volume until you Here received the current generation E which, although it was very similar in the appearance of the previous twisting, is completely new.

with an engine of and a 1.6 l 4-cylinder turbo of course, the Corsa has to add 200 hp to this data with details escaped Remus which make it as much fun as practical.

1970 Honda S800

The Honda S2000 was the result of a long tradition that went back years before, from a classic today among other things with the S800.

Honda had been so characteristic to the origins of the Your motorcycle, which would make him sound faster than but it was really all I needed to be outdoors in the 70 .

In this case, the pack will be there tomorrow at a price of 6 € approx For the general public and free for owners of Car Pass.


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