NEW COMPETITION FOR Forza Motorsport 6


NEW COMPETITION FOR  Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 was forgotten, but the focus of updates, especially the additional content DLC is clearly focussed on Forza Horizon 3. Since a few days ago has an update focused on improving certain aspects of the online career both for the organization of them appeared as easy to look at, and in this article I explain them all news, and how they are in Our games.

The first step, which is certainly something that many people had asked is to sort the grid manually so that the player who starts a private online lobby effectively can put the list of players And their starting order. This option can be found in Game Options submenu Advanced Rules and finally selector “pizza order” where you need it only space manual, after which in the lobby screen We can choose any player to place him where I should go right.

Other new features of the patch below

“Parrilla” which can be found in the same Order Parrilla to the selection Detailed view of the grid Automatic, Manual or Off.

Function activated, player a summary showcar detailed car on the grid before the race started which can be seen on gamertag players and power and the model car , Which lead in the race. Mode car the game camera will automatically switch to any car in the field, while in Manual the leader lobby can do so at will, by LB Or RB. Similarly, the leader can choose to start the race at any time by clicking X .

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Now enhancing viewers to touch on-line racing and with them, spectators can learn a better way to learn what’s happening in the race, and again learn more about drivers and vehicles.

“information boards” with a symbol racing helmet displayed and by pressing A on it, you can choose between two plates, Race or players look and further, you can see both plates at the same time.

panel-view career shows important information career, including a mini-map in which positions of other nearby corridors are in the circuit, and Also a leader the specified in this position the current car and race how close the other opponents are both before and behind.

In the meantime, in panel look player you can see a great information about a pilot including name, car information can be found at (as a class performance index Or technical data) as well as Telemetry such as speed, speed, current gear, and acceleration and brake pressure. Information is also displayed on fastest lap pilot selected in the current race, the number of the abrupt Anhalt (if available), the number of rounds etc.

Finally, you can activate or deactivate these plates at any time by pressing and Improvements of competition in the short and long term if not continually in the coming season of championship ForzaRC (will be used next month of April, so is expected that these improvements as no longer do goes on in the future.


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